Dedicated To Our Veterans In Honor Of Their Service To Our Country: Lest We Forget!

Museum News:
1. Work continues on the last space in the museum. This area will be called "the uniform room". Special uniforms have been donated or loaned and now each will be displayed honorably on a manequin, As with the rest of the uniforms, a story will go with each one.

2. Oconee County has awarded a grant to the 2 museums on Short Street and the General Store Museum in Wesminster. Because of this grant, Patriots'Ilall is now open 3 days a week...Thursday and Friday from 11:00 to 4:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 4:00. Included in the grant was the position for a paid docent. We have hired Emily Stevens who grew up in a military family and is very interested in all types of history. Emily, and being open additional hours, have been wonderful assets for the museum, Her responsibilities include welcoming guests, answering their questions, keeping the rooms neat and tidy and reporting to the Board each month.

3. The last Bugle included a photo of a manaquin dressed in the authenic uniform donated by former USMC Lieutenant General Carol A. Mutter. She is the first female in the history of US Armed Forces to be approved to this 3 star grade. Photo is of Carol, her husband Tom (not shown) and their friend and local resident Shirley Flood when they paid a visit.

4. Another part of the county grant allows us to have additional ways to market the museum. This will include advertising and signage. "Museums off Main" will be the theme and it wilt apply to Oconee Heritage Center, Cherokee Museum and Patriots Hall.

5. A Passport Program has also been started and is very popular. Visitor numbers have increased because of the program. After visiting all of the Arts, Treasures and History facilities in the county and getting the passport book stamped, a prize will be awarded to a participant. Another program is our "Kids Quiz" that Emily has put together. Kids participating will find answers to questions throughout the museum.

Our 132 members live throughout the country and beyond and we appreciate the continued support. Please fill out the form here to keep your membership current, especially if you have not done so during the past year. Thank you.

l. "When Life Sucks Foundation" is a 501 c 3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible. Patriots Hall is proud to be one of the sponsors and will be the starting point for Iraqi veteran Patrick Elswick's hike "From the Mountains to the Sea". The purpose of Patrick's hike is to raise awareness and collect donations for veterans with PTSD. When Life Sucks is headquartered in SC and last year provided services to over 600 veterans...many of which were suicidal. Patrick will be joined along the way by veterans and others including our own PHA board member Tom Yates. Come to the museum at noon on Sentember 22 to send the hikers off with our blessings. A flyer is included in this newsletter.

2. The Viet Nam Wall: Please watch for notices concerning this special visit to the county in the fall.

3. The Federation of South Carolina Museums will hold its annual conference here in the upstate. This conference will be attended by over 100 people who represent all of the museums in the state. It will be held on March 2l-23 and will include receptions, workshops, speakers and outdoor activities. Patriots Hall will be represented and will be one of the sites visited.

Thank You for Your Support!

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